Ion™ System Control (Wi-Fi®)



The Ion™ System Control is the ultimate control center for all of your system components. When you add an Ion™ System Control to a compatible variable-speed furnace, fan coil, split system, or Ion™ System compatible geothermal product (when available), you will enjoy longer heating and cooling cycles at lower fan speeds for a more consistent temperature throughout your home. By adding a multi-staged, or 2-stage outdoor unit, you will enjoy extra benefits which include better humidity and temperature control, as well as a more energy-efficient comfort system. When paired with Ion™ Zoning, the Ion™ System Control allows you to create up to eight zones of customized comfort. The Ion™ Zoning system does not require a bypass damper, leaving air temperature (LAT) sensor, or field-installed power transformer.

NOTE: The Ion™ Zoning System IS NOT compatible with all ICP communicating indoor equipment. For example, (F,G)9MV and (F,G)8MV two-stage, communicating gas furnaces are NOT compatible with the Ion™ Zoning System. See the Ion™ System Control product data for more information.  
NOTE: Only use modulating dampers provided by ICP for use with the Ion™ Zoning System. Dampers provided by other companies are NOT compatible with the Ion™ Zoning System.
NOTE: Observer® System accessories, except for certain dampers (see damper list), are NOT compatible with the Ion Zoning System.
Use the Observer
® Zoning System, or equivalent, for non-compatible indoor units, such as non-communicating indoor units, or the (F,G)9MV and (F,G)8MV gas furnaces. The Observer® Zoning System may also be used in retrofit applications where it is impractical to change existing zone dampers.
•  2-wire connection to Ion™ System two or more -stage outdoor equipment 
•  4-wire installation from each major component in the system
•  Advanced humidity control settings are the default; no longer requiring increased system setup
•  Complete integration of the temperature, humidity, and ventilation (when available) in every season
•  Auto mode selection to satisfy simultaneous heating and cooling demands via more aggressive Auto Changeover algorithm -- installer must enable
•  7-day programmability with Lifestyle Comfort Profiles and activity features; complies with California Title 24 programmability requirements
•  Upload photo, dealer info, and software updates locally via MicroSD card. Software updates available automatically when connected to the web server
•  Compatible with  Ion™ System geothermal products (when available). Energy Tracking feature for geothermal systems is available with Entering Water Temperature sensor 'installed in heat pump.
•  Compatible with home automation systems via Amazon™ Alexa™ control
•  Day-at-a-glance programming for simplified ease of use
•  Ion™ Zoning System compatibility        
•  Dirty Filter Detection        
•  Programmable fan by period  
•  Wi-Fi® remote access capability   


• 10 year parts, for the control, to original purchaser upon timely registration, otherwise 5 years

•  2 year parts for the wireless access point to original purchaser only